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Easy To Use

Simple interfaces makes these great tools easy to us and quick to learn

Get Mobile

Our software is wherever you are. Powering it out from your desk managing 50 shipments a day or on the road sending your customer an invoice.

A Staggering Amount Of Tools

You will be amazed at what we can include. Dispatching, Invoicing, CRM, Quoting, Managing…And way more

Multi User Platform

Setup logins for customers, carriers, drivers, agents, dispatchers…or just one admin login that has control over everything.

We have launched a FREE version of the Trulos Dispatch System!

Sign up or sign in above to have FREE access to our platform.  Wont last for long. Or maybe it will.  Really depends on how much server bandwidth the users take up and our cloud costs.

Looking for a multi-user system or your own custom system? We can make this do anything!

Just let us know the requirements and we can develop anything you need. Seriously we know transportation needs and software. We have stand alone versions that are fully customized to your requirements and pricing needs. We have customer login pages, a reverse auction to communicate with carriers and have them bid on shipments, paperwork uploads, integration to factoring companies. Seriously about anything you thought of we have too! AND we want to make it for you. This stuff actually gets us excited!

Why would you need this?

If you are a Broker, shipper or a carrier you then you use this to keep track of all of your shipments. Invoice customers, Pay carriers/drivers, Easily generate BOL, rate confirmations and invoices. People are transacting millions of dollars a year through our system for low(NO) cost.